Our Guarantee

Our performance and people come with a guarantee.

We deliver uncompromising service that provides direct access to top leadership talent but we acknowledge the leap of faith that first time clients make when engaging our firm. So Hander & Associates backs each assignment with an unprecedented Performance Guarantee that mitigates risk, enabling clients to commit with confidence. 

Performance guarantee

Within 60 days we guarantee we will identify qualified candidates. If qualified candidates have not been found within 60 days, you can cancel the search at that time and all retainers will be refunded.

Employment guarantee

Handler & Associates unconditionally guarantees the employment of the new employee for a period of 6 months. Should the employee terminate for any reason, during this period we will conduct a search for a suitable replacement at no additional fee.

Cancellation guarantee

Recognizing that changing business conditions may require cancellation or postponement of a search, Handler & Associates provides for such eventualities without financial penalty. The search may be restarted within 60 days.

Continuity guarantee

Each search conducted will continue until its appropriate conclusion.

We strive to create lasting relationships that help our client’s grow stronger organizations over time.

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